Australia’s best beaches 2018

Posted on December 21, 2017 12:11 am

The Best Australian Beach for 2018 is Nudey Beach, which lies on an island off the coast of Cairns in North Queensland.In a list of Australia’s best beaches published by Tourism Australia, the names at the top are a surprise to me just like most folks. Even a friend who lives and work in Brisbane, didn’t know about the beach and told your blogger that she now has a reason to make a trip to Cairns. The number two spot went to little known Horrocks Beach in Western Australia which definitely gives Western Australia and Queensland a massive boost heading into 2018. Brad Farmer’s Best Australian Beaches 2018 results hands Western Australia’s hidden Horrock’s Beach the best mainland beach. The rankings were ranked using a Triple-A criteria of Affordable, Accessible and Authentically Australian. Author Brad Farmer and co-author Prof Andy Short of the list said every one of Australia’s 11,761 beaches has been visited and carefully examined over two decades. Although the best beaches are still assessed on traditional criteria of environment, water quality, cleanliness, visual amenity, community connection and social history, facilities and a vast range of other factors, they said a new assessment needed to come into play in 2018, such as international suitability, beach safety, shark movements, engaging with locals, a beach a visitor would recommend to a friend and often extra grouse.

The list gives everyone with a chance reason to flock to those sandy beaches in the summer and no doubt if your blogger had that opportunity, it would have been worth exploring but no doubt in future he will. A number of different factors all combine to make beaches so alluring. Reading the list its clear that the top beaches picked have soft underfoot and soft to lie on as well as tides that makes them pleasant place because organic debris washed ashore don’t stay there and rot. In the case of Nudey Beach, the tide washes away the sand castles and footprints making it a stunning place to be. There’s clear view that these beaches are the ones that produces a sound that visitors enjoy, an interesting feature of the sea and for surfers like your blogger, an opportunity for fun. Anyway, that aside, the top 20 best beaches in Australia for 2018 as per the list are 1. Nudey Beach in Queensland, 2. Horrocks Beach in Western Australia, 3. Dreamtime Beach in New South Wales, 4. Cossies Beach in Cocos Keeling Islands, 5. Burleigh Heads in Queensland, 6. Seal Rocks in New South Wales, 7. Bay of Fires in Tasmania, 8. Quobba, Red Bluff in Western Australia, 9. Dolly Beach in Christmas Island, 10. Second Valley in South Australia, 11. Neds Beach in Lord Howe Island, 12. Little Beach in Western Australia, 13. Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, 14. Moonee Beach in New South Wales, 15. Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia, 16. Agnes Waters, 1770 in Queensland, 17. Horseshoe Bay in Queensland,18. Kitty Miller Bay in Victoria, 19. Mindil Beach in Northern Territory, 20. Cylinders in Queensland.

Contador Harrison