Australians should back same-sex marriage

Posted on August 27, 2017 12:00 am

A Canberra friend emailed me yesterday asking why i’m so vocal about same sex debate yet I’m not gay myself, himself is a twice divorced generation X bloke who belongs to the 20th century conservatives who can hardly cope with the words same sex let alone the debate itself. He belongs to that opposition movement to same sex rights which are part of human rights issues affecting Australians.Days when church leaders told Australians that same sex people are abnormal, need medication or should be cured by religious guidance, meaning medical experts and clerics rather than the human rights commission have responsibility for the issue are dead and buried.Am one of those who believe strongly that same sex people in Australia, like all citizens, have the right to choose their sexual orientation without any institution, including the state, interfering.There’s need for compromise and more protection for same sex community members and should be discuss as a human rights issues. I think the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decision is a good start. Australia needs people like Turnbull, who openly expresses his support for same sex people, and there has already been same-sex marriage legalization in several countries like Ireland. It greatly helps to change the perception of the citizens and public.Australia is not yet at that stage but with the upcoming survey it’s possible to hope for such a thing in the near future. There should be more people speaking out. Advocacy groups should be out to defend them and tolerance should be practiced openly.Same sex people are marginalized in Australia, susceptible to becoming victims of violence or sexual assault and also discriminated against in the workforce.In Australia, same sex community status is more socially accepted in urban areas than in non urban areas.Same sex people work in many industries in urban areas and can climb the corporate ladder because people are accommodating. We cannot afford to have Australia where people typically only work as prostitutes or buskers jus because some aging conservative community think same sex marriage is evil.Australia is not a long way from achieving the openness and tolerance of the United States and Europe toward people of diverse sexualities. Premier Turnbull Calling for more protection for same sex community and supporting marriages is a step in the right direction and civil society organizations should push the government to end discrimination and violence.Conservative Australian community leaders needed to engage in public debate on same sex marriage issues.There should be more people speaking out, especially political leaders and powerful individuals whose influence is immense, like Prime Minister Turnbull has done because it will help to change the perception of the masses.When influential people fight against an established practice, other people will follow.

A long history of opposition to same sex marriage in Australia has been embedded in minds of many and it will take a long time to change their mindset. There has always been deep antipathy toward same sex marriage, and rejection. There is an understanding but it’s not yet openly expressed. The upcoming postal survey will help address such challenges.Latest opinion polls shows that Australians are strongly supportive to same sex marriage rights.  It found Australians were overwhelming supportive to homosexuality, with more than half saying that gay people should be accepted.Acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people’s lives unlike Australia where it remains entrenched in all spheres of society from education where Catholic has immense influence, business, mining among other industries. These are also among the richest organizations in Australia. The country should not behave like poorer countries with high levels of religiosity where few believe homosexuality should be accepted by society. Developed countries like Ireland, Germany, USA, Denmark among others have been found to be overwhelmingly supportive to homosexuality, so why not Australia?There’s no question religion is embedded within the everyday lives of Australians since childhood. Sadly, religious rituals are practiced like those among Catholics  in Australia before one could even understand the meaning of sexuality. For many Australians, to practice religion is a basic human right that is non negotiable.The problem is, religious dogma like that of Catholics in Australia imposes heteronormativity. Heterosexual marriage is not only a citizen’s right, but a responsibility of every Australian female or male. The pressure to marry leads many homosexual men and women to live double lives, which can become a form of torturous mental punishment.This is why we have very many binary lives, where Australian men are marrying women that their parents choose, while maintaining their relationship with another man.Those aging conservative Australians who are opposed to the upcoming survey should accept and understand that some people are homosexual or even bisexual, the way that others are heterosexual.Members of the same sex marriage community pay taxes to contribute to bettering Australia as a country, others work in military, intelligence services, Federal and State police among many others which benefits all Australians equally.Same sex marriage proponents like your blogger believe that the struggle with heterosexual hegemony will come to an end soon, as it is linked to religion and used by those in power for their own selfish ends. It has taken many years to fight and transform this problematic situation and therefore Australians should vote YES in the survey.It also presents an opportunity to educate the public about the existence of the same sex marriage community in Australia and its demands for equality.At the very least, the survey will help to show that homosexuality is not a bestiality idea, but a personal truth.


Contador Harrison