Ashley Madison Hack

Posted on July 22, 2015 12:01 am

Monday we woke up to the news that extramarital dating site Ashley Madison has been hacked.The company has made efforts to reassure its customers through service centre that users accounts are secure despite the company admitting its user records have been stolen.The site, which targets users looking for sex outside of their marriages, is being blackmailed by a group calling itself The Impact Team, which has threatened to publicly release customers’ profiles and credit card details.In a statement released after hacking became public, The Impact Team warned Avid Life Media to remove the Ashley Madison and Established Men sites or “we will release all customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails”.It provided apparently random samples of data from about 37 million accounts, including some from other Avid Life Media sites, to prove its bona fides.The Impact Team claimed the attack was in retaliation to claims by Ashley Madison’s parent company Avid Life Media, that all customer information could be permanently erased from the site.

The hackers drew attention to a quote from Avid Life Media’s chief technology Officer Trevor Stokes: “Protection of personal information” was his biggest “critical success factors”, and “I would hate to see our systems hacked and/or the leak of personal information”.”Well Trevor, welcome to your worst fucking nightmare,” The Impact Team said in their statement.Adultery, either legalized or underground, has long been a reality and is big business in all corners of this world.Even Pope knows that cheating amongst the married partners is a reality that Churches can do nothing about.Even plenty of them have been implicated in such scandals.As young boyo,I used to stroll along Melbourne’s bustling downtown areas at night and in other parts of the city and whatever the reasons I was there, the fact is that sex trade was robust and I believe its better and bigger than back then.I know of several publicly known cases where sex workers have been killed,allegedly by their clients and despite Melbourne’s residents have been embroiled in a debate over the possibility of regulating the practice,commercial sex business is thriving in Melbourne just like it is in Sydney.More recently, authorities in some parts of Australia are said to have arrested members of online prostitution rings consisting of a pimp and sex workers,some of whom were underage and others pregnant.

What Contador Harrison can tell you is that mainstream media reports of covert prostitution mainly describes just the tip of the iceberg,as evident in the rampant advertisements for sex services on the Internet or through text messages and by the power of the word of mouth.With the practice of adultery going unchecked all over the world, certainly due to rising demand, its impacts have given cause for deep concern to many especially those who are married.Women and me from impoverished love affairs and frustrated marriages have become more vulnerable to ‘willing’ prostitution sugar coated as adultery in mainstream language.Meanwhile, fears about a spread of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS for those involved loom large as prostitution remains unfettered.In a bid to offer a solution to those who can’t zip up, Ashely Madison pitched an idea of legalizing a red-light district business online.Despite mounting opposition,the Canadian website never backed down from his controversial initiative.

However,that idea has attracted ire from some quarters and large caches of data stolen from online cheating site have been posted online by a group that claims to have completely compromised the company’s user databases, financial records and other proprietary information.The leak has capability for damaging some 37 million users of the hookup service, whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.”I do believe Ashley Madison doesn’t want adultery but the business is based on the fact that its difficult for the World to deal with the vice.On the one hand, none of us bears the responsibility of addressing adultery so as to keep it under control and reduce its harmful impacts on relationships and marriages, which means there’s need to enforce a set of regulations.On the other hand, regulating adultery easily fuels controversy because ‘moral administrators’ will be accused of facilitating the sex industry.Back in the days,the red-light district were secluded, but as the business grew, one by one houses were built nearby but due to growth of technology,online sex trade has become popular among the cowards who can’t gather enough courage to visit brothels. Given the unimaginable impacts of clandestine prostitution and adultery,few authorities have the guts to take action.That inaction has left the problem unsolved and exacerbated it to the point of having thousands of Ashley Madison’s.

If the world finally opens up the idea of red-light districts to enable thirsty men and women quench their thirst,very strict regulations will be needed so that minors are not exploited and declaring the area off limits to minors and requiring sex workers to undergo regular health checks.However, with Ashley Madison website the latter hasn’t been addressed and some previous users of the site have posted online of their regrets having contracted sexually transmitted diseases.More people have begun to practice safe sex, with the use of condoms by sexually active people on the rise, according to different surveys that i’ve come across.The use of condoms with both regular and non-regular sexual partners has increased significantly, among young people.About more than half the respondents were married, while the remaining were single and sexually active.We all know that use of condoms among married couples is only less than two percent as it is not their first choice of contraception while the number of people who had more than one sexual partner increased and only more than half of the respondents said they used condoms to avoid pregnancy, while 30 percent to avoid contracting sexually transmitted infections and less than 60 percent to avoid other illnesses.

Only 5 percent of the respondents said they used condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS.The use of condoms was still lower than expected, despite programs to distribute free condoms as part of campaign to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs.There is a public stigma attached to the use of condoms, which are seen as being for commercial sex, sex outside of marriage and adultery, that Ashely Madison has commercially exploited.That makes people feel ashamed to buy condoms but as Contador Harrison I cannot shy away.I have come across some people who still think that using a condom means either they or their partners are not ‘clean which is buffoonery.Myself I do not believe condoms are widely used by high-income young men and there’s need for efforts to promote condom use among young males, particularly those who traveled a lot,majority of whom are among Ashely Madison’s website subscribers.People have to be realistic and stop being hypocrites. Wives and husbands who traveled a lot were at risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases because they were more likely to have extramarital sexual relations and thanks to Ashely Madison’s hack we now know most of them.

Contador Harrison