Asexual life is awesome

Posted on June 20, 2017 12:02 am

When a friend of mine who like being nosy asked me why i don’t have a partner, I responded to him saying am asexual and contented with it. Being the character he is, the reply wasn’t satisfying enough and demanded to understand clearly what I meant and was blunt telling him is lack of desire for sex. However, some asexual friends have confessed that they see their sex drive as something merely biological, they may masturbate to relieve tension but not get any pleasure from having sex. A bloke blud who was seeing a college skirtie confided to me though he considered himself asexual, sometimes he could end up having sex for the benefit of her partner. As you can see, it gets a little complicated depending on who you engage.Meeting and having fun with other asexual singles is a lot easier thanks to asexual dating phenomenon that has taken shape worldwide over the last decade or so. Those doubting my sanity, would be surprised at just how many fantastic people you are in asexual dating, something that I know has proved to be difficult for many people in the past. In my own view, asexuality is something entirely different from abstinence and celibacy, where the denial of sex stems from religious or cultural reasons, or is involuntary. In fact a neither of those. Asexuality is also not the same thing as losing sexual desire as a side effect of medication or a medical illness, I have none of such problems as a person. When my friend tried to imply that asexuality is actually hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which the medical experts sees as a psychological disorder, I disputed him because I’ve no such challenges. We all know that sexuality is complex and multilayered.

Problem with him is that he has a wife, he has two concubines and is still having on and off flings with his ex girlfriend. So how can such a person have moral authority to judge an asexual individual? Being with asexual people relieves someone from having to explain his or her asexuality.But with blokes who can’t zip up outside their marriage or relationship questioning asexuality is beyond reasoning as you can spend a lot less time explaining yourself and a lot more time stupid questions. Some of you reading this would argue that in today’s hyper sexual societies, the idea that someone would legitimately have minimal or no interest in sex at all is more than a little suspicious and to some outright lies. But i can confidently say its possible and doable depending on who you are, what you do and who you associate with. I know even the most liberal friends I’ve feel that there’s something just not right about asexuality and some feel that I’ve either lost appetite with real life or i simply hate the game. Those who’ve known me for ages are aware that life of engaging wedding tackles every now and then isn’t my thing and I’ve plenty of stuff that need my attention and it reached a point while i was in my 20s that i’d to prioritise what will guarantee me a future without stress. Got no issue if a client stresses me, a close friend, family member, work mate, business mates etc but not a human being whose product is only that stuff which can take you to grave, bankrupt you, make you hate your friends, discard your relatives and channel your energies, resources to it. That will never happen to me, not in a billion years. Therefore those who doubt honest asexuals, I want to say that I can’t speak for everyone but most of us know that asexuality is not a disease or a form of denial, and it deserves recognition just the same as every other sexual orientation. You may disagree with me on what asexuality is exactly, and even those who identify as asexuals have differing lifestyles and beliefs about what sex does and does not mean to them. In future I wouldn’t mind to have a fling but for now asexual life is serving me awesomely, asexuality is a temporary orientation not permanent. As I told my nosy friend, I have no regrets or apologies about it.


Contador Harrison