Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher is knavish

Posted on October 15, 2017 08:28 am

Sydney’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher has today demonstrated hypocrisy among men and women of cloth who thinks that we are living in 17th century when church controlled peoples mind. Anthony Fisher request to parishioners in a Sunday congregation at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney’s to retain traditional clarity about the definition of real marriage is simply knavish. I’m not a homosexual myself but as a libertarian i find such comments bovine since no single individual should tell us what real marriage is, each one of us has a right to define their marriage. After all, who still believes traditional marriage has a future? Such folks should get stuffed! For Anthony Fisher to say religious believers would be vulnerable to discrimination suits and some could lose their jobs, promotions, businesses and political careers if same-sex marriage is legalized is moronic and there are no facts.Anthony Fisher support for the the ‘no’ vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey is his right and should just let those who support it with a ‘yes’ vote to do so without his buffoonery comments.Whether he uses his power of influence during his homily at mass every Sunday or not, keep telling worshippers the government should keep out of the friendship business and out of the bedroom, the outcome for next month will be a resounding ‘yes.’Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues have been dominating national debate across Australia for ages and time has come for the minority to get their right like those traditionalists Anthony Fisher is hoping will be swayed. Most opponents like Anthony Fisher argue that homosexuality is contagious and have accused the same-sex community, alongside the media, of converting young heterosexuals in Australia. Some like Anthony Fisher are also afraid of the possibility of Australian legalization of same-sex marriage for reason they know themselves. Since Ireland legalized marriage, we’ve no heard any single person who’s lost life because of being part of same sex community, so what is Anthony Fisher afraid of by saying the state has no business telling us who we should love and how, sexually or otherwise?To the archbishop of Sydney, the only kind of friendship the state has a proper interest in recognizing and regulating is heterosexual marriage, because that’s what leads to children, new citizens and gives them the best start in life. However, his arguments neglect both the historical and cultural context of the Australian same-sex movement and assume that all such movements share the objective of legalizing same-sex marriage to those who are already in traditional marriages.

With time, dinosaurs like Anthony Fisher will learn that marriage being between two people does not in any way mean it’s between a man and a woman, unless he has forgotten his english, the fact is that it should be between two people who have fallen in love with each other. Who is he to describe to us what that composition of two individuals be?According to Archbishop Fisher, it was best for children to have a mother and a father, and that’s what marriage was about. Fisher believes the vote had implications for religious freedom and it wasn’t unreasonable for people to say they couldn’t support a change to marriage laws until protections were in place. Anthony Fisher said that if overseas experience is anything to go by, if marriage is redefined it will be very hard to speak up for real marriage anymore in schools, at work, socially.Traditional believers will be vulnerable to discrimination suits and other kinds of bullying for their beliefs. Some may lose their jobs, promotions, businesses, political careers. What this man of the pulpit doesnt want to recognize is that in recent years, same sex marriage issues have become a source of great divide among Australians and his comments will not change those who support it like your blogger. Developed countries have recognized same-sex marriage and Australia is making legal steps to acknowledge the non-binary gender category that is often dubbed as the third gender by experts with the ongoing survey.In addition, there have been a series of actions to recognize, establish, and mainstream human rights standards to protect same sex people across Australia and such gains shouldn’t be reversed because of Anthony Fisher’s of this world.It is abundantly clear that 2017 is a significant touchstone for same sex community in Australia. While negative sentiment toward same sex community from the conservative and religious fundamentalists like Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher has been intermittent over the past few weeks, these attitudes have started to transform into a series of public denouncements since the survey started.To see a religious leader like Anthony Fisher make such generalized and derogatory statements in public, criticizing efforts to legalize same-sex marriage and associating homosexuality with pedophilia, mental illness, and sinful and contagious behavior is disgusting, unacceptable and shameful.

Contador Harrison