Apps privacy invasion concerns

Posted on September 5, 2012 07:08 pm

As a user of mobile devices, I have offlate been uninstalling and rejecting apps as am concerned about how my personal and private information is collected. I took the drastic measure after I discovered how much personal information they would need me to share in order to use it. As mobile apps become an increasingly important gateway to online services and communications, cell phones have become rich repositories that we chronicle our lives. As a user, am now uninstalling apps that were already on my cellphone because I have learned they are collecting personal information that I do not want to share with anyone. There is a growing concern globally that personal information is being collected by phones and other mobile devices, often without our knowledge.Having both Android and iPhone devices I have deleted apps due my concern over my personal information. The way a mobile application handles personal data is a feature that many cellphone owners now take into consideration when choosing the apps they will use.

Also, am concerned that my phones could be lost or stolen and I have taken steps to deal with such a scenario. A good number of friends I spoke to before writing this story told me that they normally back up files, photos and contacts on their phone and clear the browsing history or search history on phone which has been practice since the advent of smartphone. In my case, I have turned off the location tracking feature on my device because am concerned about others accessing information that is irrelevant to them. Recently, I had an experience of a case where a friend lost a phone and her pictures ended up online meaning the shameless thieves accessed contents on stolen phone that gutted and made her feel privacy was invaded to the core. She has since solved the case after the robber was nicked. The rise of the smartphone has dramatically altered the relationship between users and phones when it comes to monitoring and safeguarding their personal information.I believe I have taken the right step because the information my devices contain is hard to replace if lost and potentially embarrassing in the wrong hands.

Contador Harrison