Annastacia Palaszczuk wins second term

Posted on December 8, 2017 12:17 am

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has won a historic second term in office after the Labor leader secured victory in the Queensland election. As you blogger wrote last month, she also promised to cut $50 from Queenslanders’ electricity bills for the next two years.When history is written, historians will look at November 4th decision when Palaszczuk has announced her Government will have no role in the future of an assessment of a $1 billion loan to Adani for its Carmichael coal mine.At that time, The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility was considering an application by the Indian company for concessional Commonwealth funds for a rail link. That endeared her to the Queenslanders majority who are worried about the environmental impact of the mine.The win makes Palaszczuk the most successful female political leader in Australian political history, having become the first female Premier in Australia to be returned to office at an election. Palaszczuk has pledged to work with businesses and industry groups to boost jobs and that her government would prioritise education and health services.The Electoral Commission of Queensland confirmed the full results, with 48 seats going to Labor, 39 to the LNP, three to Robbi Katter’s Australia Party, while an independent, a Green and a One Nation member make up the rest. Tim Nicholls, The Liberal National Party leader was unsuccessful in his bid and has announced he wouldn’t recontest the leadership. One Nation led by Pauline Hanson party flopped while The Greens won its first seat in parliament after Michael Berkman claimed the inner-Brisbane electorate of Maiwar.

No doubt this will make Queensland’s 56th Parliament will have one of the most diverse crossbenches in decades.Palaszczuk first actions is expected to be to write to the Federal Government to veto a publicly funded Commonwealth loan for the proposed Adani mine which was one of her key election promises.Her election victory means people across the Queensland are standing up for a future without fossil fuels and most Queenslanders envisages a Queensland powered not with the dirty energies of coal and oil, but with renewables solar, the wind, tidal energy and geothermal.There is a fundamental shift happening in the Australian economy, which means Queensland’s need for coal energy will continue to fall.The renewable energy market is booming and can compete on cost with coal in most markets and that’s why state electricity companies are capacity to renewables.The cost of developing renewable energy in Queensland over the next ten years is expected to fall by 50% and thats why renewable energy future is within Queensland’s reach. It is time for Queensland to divest in coal because there is another energy future which beckons, one that is cheaper, healthier and better for all Queenslanders.Palaszczuk veto on Adani mine is a great move that will help break free from coal and she needs to be part of this shift, away from coal with its devastating environmental, health and economic costs, and toward renewable energy.

Contador Harrison