Analysing Karabo Mokoena’s killer Sandile Mantsoe

Posted on May 15, 2017 12:01 am

Gruesome murder of Karabo Mokoena was a confirmation that violence against women is now recognised to be a serious and widespread problem in South Africa, with enormous individual and community impacts and social costs. Her remains were found in Bramley‚ Johannesburg burnt beyond recognition.According to details that emerged over the weekend, Karabo Mokoena had a firce argument with her boyfriend in a Sandton nightclub that led a physical fight.Apparently, according to some witness, the couple left the club together and that was the last time she was seen alive. Statistics released in 2016 shows that every six hours, a South African woman is murdered by her former or current intimate partner. Experts say violence against women is any act of gender based violence that causes or could cause physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of harm or coercion, in public or in private life. When I read the horror story of Karabo Mokoena a 22 year old girl, it never came as one-off tragedic surprise that could never really be properly explained because a week or so ago, a female friend married to a South African man had shared how life has become untenable. Her response was prompted when i sought to know why for weeks her communication channels were mute. As i write this she is still nursing her wounds. That aside, killing of Karabo Mokoena has uncovered several unnerving societal issues. Most importantly, it is clear Karabo Mokoena was either murdered as a result of Sandile Mantsoe jealous, possessive or his controlling behaviour. I can’t rule out idea of entitlement bound up in Sandile Mantsoe masculinity which is deadly.South Africa has among the highest rates in the world for the murder and rape of women with over 1,000,000 cases though only 40 per cent of them are reported annually representing around 400,000 of them.Reading tweets under the hashtags #RIPKarabo and #MenAreTrash I could tell that emancipated women of South Africa and around the world were justifiably calling for an end to violence against them. As the definition makes clear, violence against women is not only or always physical. It includes psychological, economic, emotional and sexual violence and abuse, and a wide range of controlling, coercive and intimidating behaviours.

In South Africa, violence against women is called many different things, including domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault.In a time that has seen rising public awareness of domestic abuse yet cuts in funding towards the problem, the register remains just one blunt indicator of the grip of family violence in South Africa. Karabo Mokoena case is just of the many reported cases of family violence that are on the rise.Karabo Mokoena murder prompted an outpouring of grief and anger in and outside of South Africa. I have to salute women who took to social media to post stories of abuse they had suffered at the hands of their partners.The vast majority of cases in South Africa, men kill their partners because of sexual jealousy and wouldn’t be surprised if South Africa Police Service investigations reveal that was one of the possible reasons Sandile Mantsoe killed her. Either at the point where the Karabo Mokoena may have said she has had enough of Sandile Mantsoe whacking on her, because men use violence on their partners. Often, men tries cajoling women or beating them up. In these cases, eventually when such men realise a woman won’t come back, they change the project to annihilating her and that could be one theory behind Sandile Mantsoe actions.Perhaps the reason why this case has become big story could be Sandile Mantsoe being the most intentional killers South Africa has seen recently. Sandile Mantsoe may have had problematic childhood and adulthood, alcohol problems as you can tell they were both coming from the night club and both were unemployed or earning meagre income. I guess it is time South Africa start teaching young people about relationship breakups and how to deal with them, because generally men deal with breakups worse than women, and a minority become violent.The real issue is the sense of entitlement in masculine culture which is so prevalent in the country may have inspired Sandile Mantsoe. The idea in South Africa that men have to be in control. It’s present in a lot of South Africa culture. The possessive, jealous Sandile Mantsoe is one among many present figure in South Africa culture. Kudos to women, men in and outside South Africa who dont condone or encourage Sandile Mantsoe of this world mindset, because that is what many of such murderers like Sandile Mantsoe have in spades. My heartfelt message to the parents and friends of Karabo Mokoena.

Contador Harrison