Am still attached to physical media

Posted on January 29, 2013 03:34 am

As a smartphone user, Contador Harrison belong to the digital class of generation Y. However, I think I have been left behind in terms of embracing the true potential of mobile connected devices because am still attached to physical media. In my possession is large existing, Long Plays, , Magazines some dating back to 1954, old newspapers dating back to 1960s, Compact Discs, Films and Videogame collections despite the facts that smartphones and tablets are exploding in popularity which are driving digital media sales, whether it be music and video downloads and paid up content subscriptions.I must admit I do belong to the category of consumers who do online shopping and am a daily mobile Internet user and a subscriber of online TV channels. Am still more attached to physical media, and up to now am much slower to commit to new channels of content delivery because of what I can amateur content. Digital phenomenon has had a dramatic impact on how I consume music, publishing and newspapers and am one of those who still believe we are in early process of a transition to digital anytime anywhere availability across all media sectors and therefor am not likely to shift my allegiance from physical media.

Until I see online services providing content on all devices and be as seamless and easy to use as their offline counterparts, my bet is that old and digital media will continue to co exist and I’ll continue to buy The Economist Magazine every week and my favorite local daily newspaper everyday. I do purchase more than three quarter of my music annually by physical formats and although a friend recently branded me an old fashioned Rabbit, I feel its too early to write off the LPs let alone CDs. Whenever I play those LPs containing Elvis Presley songs I feel like am in heaven compared to playing ACDC hit song Highway to Hell which I downloaded on iTunes. Although am planning to get UltraViolet service this year to help me automatically convert my physical DVD and Blu-ray purchases into digital files so that I am able to stream my old library content on any tablet, MacBook, or my connected TV as well as smartphones wherever I may be in the world. My motivation is to move and transition to new services for someone like me still focused on buying physical media.

Contador Harrison