African gangs in Melbourne

Posted on January 6, 2018 12:04 am

African gangs warfare has gripped Melbourne, and while authorities have upped their game against organized crime, little is being done to address the roots of the problem. One of those affected by African gangs mainly Sudanese origin is a family friend who lives in Melbourne’s western suburbs. He said once those youths are initiated as gang members they are expected to fulfill a host of duties that include selling drugs, guarding strategic locations with guns and knives, extorting money from fellow school students or being on standby and ready for action.Also he mentioned adequate employment opportunities are key to eliminating gang violence in Melbourne.“We should fight gang violence with more jobs. That’s why we need to build more markets to create more jobs,” he said.His comment was made just a few hours after it emerged Police were searching for a number of young African men after two teens were attacked and two homes were broken into during a four-hour rampage in his area. He said African youths resort to petty crimes because opportunities for gainful employment are limited. “I believe nobody wanted to extort people for a living if they had a choice, they did it because they need to provide for themselves or their family,” he said.However, he said criminals did not have any right to attack people. In the past, organized crime gangs in Melbourne concentrated on drug manufacturing, liquor and cigarette smuggling, prostitution, loansharking, protection, extortion and online gaming activities but seems the African youths gangs are brainless on what their end game is. Attacking innocent civilians is buffoonery and your blogger has no doubt the security agencies will deal with the yobs effectively.While Melbourne authorities keep up appearances by publicly identifying African youth gang names and carrying out illegal weapons raids, little action has been taken in the way of early intervention. Recent reports suggest that an increasing number of African gangs in Melbourne are targeting schoolchildren as new recruits. African gang members are known to wait outside school premises to pick out potential members.

According to my friend, African gang recruitment is generally carried out on a racial basis and they only recruit kids from their fellow Sudanese community. He added that African gangs in Melbourne false sense of self-esteem, lack of parental supervision and school discipline, and protection from other gangs has added to the attraction of organized crime syndicates in the recent months.Also, he feels that the surge in violent activities by African gangs is mainly on the wide availability of illegal firearms. Guns are the weapons of choice in Melbourne gang turf wars poses a colossal challenge to Melbourne authorities monitoring the illegal weapons.He said that guns can be rented for $50 for a few hours, with bullets costing as little as 10 cents each and noted the preference for rentals began when Melbourne gangs began to take inspiration from North and Latin America’s murderous gangs. As public fear reached its peak over the recent spate of crime waves, there’s need to launch an operation to blitz gang-related crime in Melbourne. There’s clear evidence that African gang members in Melbourne often become trapped in a cycle of arrest, detainment and release, upon which they resume gang activities. This is happening because there is no solid rehabilitation programme in Melbourne one that can create a healthy working relationship between Sudanese families, schools and the local community, a move that could play a part in combating the influence of African gangs. In school, the environment should be monitored and there should be extra activities for students to be productive. Melbourne schools in your blogger’s view should also provide counselling support for those who need it.It is hard for African gang members to unshackle themselves as affiliations seem to last a lifetime, so the teenagers causing havoc in Melbourne will be there for decades to come. Those teenagers will have to keep their networks for loyalty, friendship, support and profiteering otherwise they will be eliminated by their fellow gangsters.It is well known individuals risk their own safety if they quit the gangs, as well as the safety of their families.African gangs could be thinking they have been rejected by Melbourne society but the more they commit such crimes, the more people will want to distance themselves from them. Any South Sudanese in Melbourne will feel guilty when they face people that know their community youths background. People in Melbourne will likely look at Sudanese community members with identity of their criminal youths who terrorized residents in places like Cairnlea, Taylors Hill and Hillside. In the end, the reputation of African-Australian community in Melbourne will suffer most unless they call their their people to stand up to criminal elements of their community.

Contador Harrison