African countries tourism going digital

Posted on May 9, 2014 11:13 am

In most western countries, Africa doesn’t sound like the ideal tourist destination, and one would think that it’s off-limits to begin with and is full of poverty, crime and terror. To promote tourism in Africa, a new travel app are being launched by different countries and are rich of information for any first or regular traveler to the continent. Through such apps, tourists are now able learn more about the continent and book tours. The app’s Guidebook feature give users a detailed look at sub Saharan Africa travel destinations, how to acquire a visa, ethics, each country’s history, society, religion, and culture. After a quick search of such apps, most travel app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for Android while the iOs has very few.

African countries allow foreigners to take a peek and experience a slice of the beautiful continent. Any nationality may apply for African countries visa through their respective embassies but can also obtain one at the point of entry. Well-known Gay activists may find difficulty in obtaining one because the continent does not tolerate that kind of sexuality. There are no direct flights to most African countries from Europe, and most tourists take a quick stop at Addis Ababa, Nairobi or Johannesburg where they can either take a plane to other countries. Citizens of the non-African countries however, must board a plane as border points are only accessible by road. Tourists may bring their smartphones, where a SIM card may be purchased at the airport.

Contador Harrison