African countries to increase focus on cyber attacks

Posted on July 6, 2013 09:12 am

African countries are expected to pay more attention to cross-border cyber attacks while improving regional cooperation, the country’s top. The Internet has become a valuable commercial tool and is playing a key role in helping millions access information and online services offered by government and private corporations. An official I spoke to during a conference that attracted leading Internet and telecom companies recently, the region has placed an emphasis on boosting online security. Also, secret services across Africa are working hand in hand with telecoms operators to bolster the continent’s cyber security and are aiming at tackling the increasing threat of hacking and other such attacks on key infrastructures. There is a growing menace of digital attacks from criminals and foreign state sponsored overseas groups that are giving crime tackling agencies sleepless nights.

African countries networks are suffering from about 35 sophisticated cyber attacks a month according to the latest research, with 29 per cent of that against the banking sector. The cyber protection partnership plans among regional countries in East, West and Southern Africa plans to implement controls and share intelligence to increase the security in banking sector as well as curb terrorism activities. I think it will be very crucial for governments and affected industries to work together by sharing information, experience and expertise to help tackle the rising cases of cyber crime. Regional security agencies effort to acquire new technologies on cyber security is crucial to the growing banking industry in the region.

Contador Harrison