African airlines using Google Now to ease travelling

Posted on April 18, 2014 03:26 pm

The Easter season is here with us again and in Africa, airlines are launching initiatives online to woo travelers. One of the most striking features is the Google Search app, Google Now which is available and fully integrated for Android devices running Android 4.1 and above and iOS running devices namely iPhones and iPads.  Google Now acts like a smart personal assistant that gives users exactly the travel information they need, when they need it and with minimal effort spent searching. The app reminds passengers of their upcoming flight, providing flight times and the departure terminal. Google Now is now giving a selected list of airlines passengers relevant information on their destination, including weather conditions locally, currency, local landmarks, accommodation and attractions.

Passengers will have the information they need about the flight and destination delivered at the right place, the right time and without having to ask or search.For example airlines operating in East African region are said to be working on Swahili language websites that would make it even easier for travellers to book online via their mobile phones, buy upgrades or the online check-in service. One of the airline am privy to their plan will have their website contain unique regional features, recommended destinations and special offers for East Africa region travellers. Airlines are now heavily investing in technology and innovation so that they can provide the best online connections. Google Now and the Swahili website will provide additional convenience for travellers across the region.

Contador Harrison