Africa Post services providers should focus on digital mailbox

Posted on October 13, 2012 11:04 am

Since the advent of electronic mails, traditional mail companies have been struggling with dwindling business and uptake of their services.This is a global problem but its worse in developing regions of Asia and Africa. Early morning today, a friend of mine who works with a postal service provider in Cape Town,South Africa asked me if he can get a job elsewhere since his employer is almost closing down due to lack of business. During our conversation, it was clear postal service providers all over the world are having bleeding revenues in traditional mail business.In Africa, postal services providers should think of setting up cloud based digital mail businesses to remain relevant as a way of supplementing losses incurred by loss of traditional mail business and offer such for free service to allows customers to receive and pay bills from authorized institutions such as Mobile network operators,banks, Water companies,and other service providers.

The institutions should the send customers’ bills and messages over the cloud based service instead of traditional mails.Postal services should test such services internally with help of staff before any formal launch.For those who don’t know, digital mails are not like emails because there are no spam and no one can intercept what’s coming through as easily as email, and you will be able to do your payments.Postal service providers should work closely with data-centre providers and cloud providers to deliver services in future.Such services can help providers stem ongoing losses in their regulated mail business,parcels and express businesses.Post companies should also consider offering customers financial statements through digital mailbox system.The digital mail service, would allow users to upload and easily find important documents, including mail and bills at their convenience. I also think it could be a solution that will complement existing online channels and provide customers choice in how they manage their relationship not just with service providers but with all of the other organizations they have relationships with.

Contador Harrison