Africa mobile app development trends 2018

Posted on December 12, 2017 12:13 am

As we welcome 2018 in slightly over two weeks, technology surrounding mobile apps is developing. And it’s developing fast.There have been a lot of interesting and exciting things happen in the mobile apps this year. In Africa, there has been a rise of Live streaming, On Demand apps to mention but a few. As the barriers of innovation continue to be pushed with breakthroughs in mobile technology, there will be more to come in the new year ahead. And your blogger has mobile app trends prediction that will happen in 2018.As an experienced app developer, I know that having a point of difference sells, which is why mobile app developers all over Africa are constantly looking for more advanced software, better hardware, and more sophisticated development tools.One of my prediction is that location based services to go into mainstream and their functionality is only set to grow in 2018. Among the features i expect to see are real-time location-based offers and advertisements. For example, it will be easier to shop in specific location thanks to improved navigation and indoor mapping that will contribute to some great intuitive apps. Naysayers will of cause up their noise with privacy remaining a big concern and for those developing location-based apps and services, they need to make sure consumer has a choice on whether or not they reveal their location based on the service they can use the app. No doubt East African region is the home of mobile payment systems and this is a trend i can predict will continue to grow.Smartphones have made it easier and more convenient for Africans to shop and pay bills. They are the ultimate alternative to credit cards and cash, becoming the most popular model of payments. From current observations, mobile payments are expected to increase and become more common.This is most likely due to the increase of the app adoption rate within hospitality sector, businesses and industries that have already implemented apps, which payment occurs. It is expected that more businesses will follow and create their own apps as well.What this could mean for businesses is that they will need to modify their current payment methods by adopting apps or trying to find a way to make payments easier.Another prediction I can foresee is that security of apps will become more significant even though it is a challenging issue.

There’s huge amount of confidential and personal data that every app holds, a lost smartphone can put the user’s credibility at stake. Apps with in-built security features either through API or a simple code for their remote access are becoming the norm and that means at the forefront should be the fact that as developments in mobile app become more sophisticated, so will be, the methods of obtaining sensitive information for improper use.Smart devices and the apps we work from can hold everything from identities, financial details and many other personal information.The reliance on information stored on mobile apps will definitely increase in 2018 and irrespective of of who’s at fault when a security breach happens, the potential to ruin business and the reputation of app will increase. App developers can’t rely on consumers to be keen on security and its up to app developer to take all those measures into consideration making it a must trend come 2018.Also, a big prediction I am very much willing to bet on, are the hybrid apps which will become more appealing than native apps. Although native apps currently hold the monopoly on the app market, there’s no doubt in my mind that compared to hybrid apps, they’re expensive and timely to develop. Hybrid apps are fast becoming the number one option for app developers in Africa and in the coming year, I can see it as being an application development trend that could take over the existing native dominated market.With a positive outlook in Africa’s mobile app industry, I’ve seen an increase in the adoption of mobile apps by businesses in 2017, especially in hotel industry. In 2018, I feel like that there will be a major increase of custom-made enterprise apps being developed for businesses.More businesses are contributing more investments in the mobile tools market. The demand for enterprise apps is expected to be so big that by the end of 2018, enterprise apps will outgrow the businesses IT capacity to deliver them. One of the main reasons is due to businesses moving towards increasing productivity and efficiency through being more mobile in the workplace. Currently, the use of tablet in business is growing. By end of 2018, there will be 50 million tablets being used by enterprises in Africa with more than half of them being used for business purposes.In your blogger’s view, 2018 is going to be an even bigger year with lots of opportunities for mobile apps, especially for African businesses. As more consumers are making payment using their mobile, more businesses will move towards mobile payment to increase convenience and remain competitive. With the focus of mobility, increasing productivity and lowering costs,  there will be an emphasis on enterprise apps benefiting businesses and immersing consumers.

Contador Harrison