Africa eSports Betting industry

Posted on January 5, 2018 12:01 am

eSports betting in Africa is expected to grow threefold in the next two years according to the 2018 eSports betting African market analysis. One of the report authors told your blogger that from this most people in African will probably start to hear about eSports more and more in the public limelight. With increasing amounts of money being poured into the eSports industry each year, it is only natural to expect that there will be options to start betting on it and Africa isn’t being left behind. Of cause he cautions that there are several reasons that those betting in eSports should take into consideration while choosing the best betting site in Africa.One of them is how secure and trustworthy the website is. Also, signing up to renowned gaming partners will certainly give those betting peace of mind that they are betting through a protected platform. In addition to that, such credible websites offer the best odds one can find out there. He said for those who are keen-eyed punter, they need to realise how much value there is in it as the African bookies are only starting to adapt with South Africa and Egypt being at the forefront.eSports is currently paying higher than many other sports and your blogger can guarantee you that it’s here to stay, and will only increase dramatically over time.When it comes to betting, eSports currently covers the most popular Multi-Player games being played currently in countries like South Africa.This mean those who want to bet, need to keep up-to-date with the latest gaming titles as the markets mainly focuses on what’s popular, and as we always know, the markets go where the money is. Countries across Africa have been approached to legitimize betting on eSports, events which typically attract dozens of gamers at tournaments across the world. So far South Africa, Egypt are some of the jurisdictions which allows such betting to take place.The regulators in those countries have ensured that children who are particularly vulnerable to the attraction of betting on sporting contests conducted on the platform of video games are well protected from such.Those countries made it hard for under age to bet as they do not want them to be introduced to betting under the guise of a game and some are continuing to encourage the use of educational games as well.

Overall, African betting market has spread since its first introduction, the industry is growing and its end is nowhere near.Looking back, the eSports industry has faced massive growth since three years ago, witnessing a tremendous increase in the number of players in 2017 with North African countries and South Africa dominating the regional events. Because of this, major companies invest in sponsoring players and teams all around the continent. Betting in Africa has always had a bad reputation. Many countries outlaw betting, while some accept it with open arms, but online betting is another thing as it is. A good number of African countries that block normal betting do not block online gambling, while some still stand conservative and firm.Technically, in most African countries eSports betting isn’t legal but people can still bet with sites that are not based in their countries. Some of the African countries where eSports betting is actually legalised are South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia among others. A country has to legalise sports betting in order for eSports betting to be considered legal. The legality of eSports betting is a constantly changing topic in Africa and some countries where it isn’t legal now might legalise it in the future.Betting companies are faced with a big problem because most people who are attracted to eSports are youths, meaning that some of them aren’t of legal age to participate in betting, whether it be in real life or online.Betting companies are trying to find a way through this. The legality of eSports betting will remain debate, but both the betting sites and the people of Africa are hoping eSports betting will legal all over the continent one day since there is a huge variety of markets offered, different odds available, and differing times as to when these markets are available and the bigger the tournament, the earlier markets are released.In conclusion, your blogger suggest reading it all to get a better understanding of eSports betting but here’s several points to take away from the researcher, who understands the market in and out. Depending on how big the event is, markets can open up either days before, or hours before, it’s all about knowing which ones are the big ones and that is where betting in big events in South Africa and North African countries makes sense.Another factor to consider are various betting options like map score, total games to mention but a few. Also doing your own research like finding out more information on where to find previous results, tournament results and game information can make a whole lot of difference when betting in eSports.The fact is there’s no one correct way to bet, and what works for some may not be easy for others to understand but grasping how the eSports betting markets work, will give a huge advantage over everyone else.

Contador Harrison