“Adult websites in Africa are becoming an alternative to affairs in the workplace.”

Posted on June 21, 2014 04:39 pm

African countries are updating their Criminal Codes to include the proposed sanctions against cheating spouses, cohabiting couples and sorcerers accused of performing black magic that is very prominent in all African countries. In some countries, the Criminal Code consists of articles detailing sentences for everything from petty theft to premeditated murder to stealing on mobile phones. Included also is the harsh sanctions for seemingly benign offenses like living together outside of wedlock, which is considered un-African by many as a crime that carries a severe sentence of more than year in prison, less than those convicted of prostitution. However, despite the tough laws in place, young Africans are launching adultery hookup site in thousands annually according to a new report on Cyber crime in the sub Saharan Africa where marital infidelity is a crime punishable by years in prison. But the fact is that people are going to have affairs no matter what avenues are open or closed to them.

African countries offers particular challenges given the statutes that criminalizes adultery in the continent but the criminal seem to believe the law is “outdated.” Most of these website simply facilitates an activity that is universal and crosses all social and geographical boundaries. Infidelity is present in modern African culture, in the same way that it is present in every other developed parts of the world. This is because cases of divorce related to infidelity have gone up by 200% over the last 15 years alone in sub Saharan Africa according to independent researchers compared to similar periods between 1984 to 1999. Few African governments have the resources and capabilities to tame websites that are eroding African family values and promoting immorality at the expense of poor Africans who are already grappling with highest cases of HIV infections in the world. Not all is doomed for Africa as last year saw about 2,408 webpages deleted, and another 4,570 blocked, at the request of government-appointed bodies in different parts of Africa with the main targets being child and adult pornography, prostitution and illicit gambling. The fact that married people secretly have affairs even when illegal is a cornerstone of many young African’s argument for embracing online pornography according to researcher.

Contador Harrison