Adam Bandt calling Dutton “terrorist” justifiable

Posted on November 4, 2017 12:01 am

Adam Bandt, Federal Greens MP and a friend of your blogger has described Immigration Minister Peter Dutton a “terrorist” at a rally in Melbourne as he addressed people protesting against the treatment of men who remain on Manus Island. According to Bandt, whom your blogger supported in 2010 elections told more than 1,000 people gathered at State Library to show their backing for refugees and asylum seekers who number 600 and remain at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Bandt has for years argued that the treatment of asylum seekers is a moral issue, not a political one. It is ultimately a test of the moral character of Australia, one that should concern all Australians. Sadly for political elites like Peter Dutton, and tragically for refugees, the issue has been caught up in politics.Every Australian knows that refugees in Manus Island exist and from the beginning of time, people whose camp was closed this past week were forced to flee from their countries for safety. Everyone well versed with Australian immigration system knows that seeking asylum is a dangerous business, a gamble in which only a lucky few survive if at all any.Dutton’s response to refugees is disgraceful however one looks at it. Bandt also criticised Labor for reopening the offshore processing centre while in government, and urged them to join the Greens in their push to bring the men to Australia. Bandt whom I follows on Twitter and does follow your blogger as well, told the crowd the refugees had been “thrown in prison” by the Australian Government.”These people have committed no crime other than to do what every single one of us would do if we thought our lives, or our family’s lives, were at risk,” Bandt said in a video clip shared on Twitter. Mr Bandt described the Immigration Minister to a “terrorist” for “threatening people’s lives”.”If the definition of terror is to use violence and threaten people’s lives for political purposes, then Peter Dutton is a terrorist,” Bandt said.

The great question that underlies Dutton’s treatment of asylum seekers is if a person arrives in Australia, uninvited, asking to be protected from persecution, how should immigration department treat them or is there any chance to offer an alternative help. Refugees as Bandt noted have committed no offence and nearly all of them are genuinely fleeing persecution. No doubt a decent human response to Manus Island refugees in those circumstances deserves better from Dutton and his team. Dutton character is measured by his conduct and his policies are indications of Australia’s country’s character likewise. At present, Dutton has made Australia look like a country that is vengeful and cruel to refugees who are frightened enough and courageous enough to risk their lives at sea to seek safety. With closure on camp by Dutton department, it was clear a deliberate mistreat of innocent people however others argue that it will ensure that others will not risk asking for Australian protection.What Dutton need to understand is that treating a defenseless person is a moral question. We all know that the immigration minister has turned his plans and actions into a political narrative which however won’t convert it from a moral question to a political one irrespective of his arguments.Sadly in the Australian system, the moral challenge remains and in the case of Manus Island refugees the answer is contaminated by Dutton’s actions. Australians can’t forget the horrific accounts of sexual abuse, beatings and attempted suicides at Manus Island. Seeking asylum is a legal right that people have in Australia, and the people on Manus Island have done nothing wrong and deserve to be granted the asylum that they are legally obliged to, it’s urgent and critical to bring them to Australia.Your blogger says that all those people who attended the rallies in Melbourne to support refugees on Manus Island after the closure of the off-shore detention centre, well done and keep it up.

Contador Harrison