ACMA 2012 Report: Mobile Internet usage in Australia hits 22.05M

Posted on December 6, 2012 12:38 am

According to the latest Australian Communications and Media Authority Communications Report covering 2011 and 2012 (pdf), there were 22.05 million Australian mobile connections in June 2012, up from 18.11 million the year before.I was impressed by the report data that shows 49 percent of all Australian adults own a smartphone, up from 25 percent last year. The detailed report data show 32 percent of Australians used the Internet through their mobile phones in June, compared to 21 percent the previous year. Fixed Internet was almost present everywhere, with more than 90 percent of Australians going on line in the last year. Internet access look destined for saturation in the country, with current usage figures up only 2 percent on the previous reporting period. The most popular applications for Australians going online was communication and information followed by banking.

The roll out of fixed wireless and interim satellite is said to be going faster than fibre with over 170,000 premises passed so far while the total number of homes covered by fixed wireless are only over 9,669 with an active service. More than 9 million Australians reported using the Internet to interact with a financial institution in June 2012. Given the small increase in fixed usage, the total volume of data downloaded 421 terabytes, up 52 percent which indicates a growing appetite for high bandwidth applications. The National Broadband Network is on track to surpass 5 million premises by 2015 although the current number of premises passed to date with fibre, 38,914 homes, indicates there still a significant task ahead and NBN also faces a significant task in getting Australians to sign up for NBN services, with only 10 percent of those already passed by fibre, having an active connection.

Contador Harrison