About Me

I’m Contador Harrison! An avid blogger, coder, coffee lover, Canis familiaris owner and rock music nut.My coding journey has been filled with the most memorable moments of my life that dates back to the era of CD-rom giveaway.As a platform agnostic, I cut my coding teeth on the PC with Visual Basic 3.0 and Windows 3.1 in the mid 1990s.I also spent significant time writing Pascal Code and Visual Basic code.I’ve worked with different programming languages, picking them up fast but taking time to find the most-efficient ways of using them.It has not been a cakewalk and with advent of new programming languages, the going is getting tougher.I installed Linux on my home computer around Australian winter season of 1995.As I was crawling in the programming arena,new music was only available on MTV and CDs unlike today where young music-lovers prefer to listen to music via YouTube over iTunes, radio and CDs.Sadly, my MTV generation is no more and the YouTube and Spotify generation has taken over.In the past I’ve handled among other languages JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, C++,C, Objective-C, Perl, Shell, Scala, ASP, Haskell and Assembly. Others are R, TCL, ActionScript, MATLAB, CoffeeScript, Visual Basic, Clojure, TDD, Qt, Coldfusion, JUnit, DAO and Jenkins. Bluntly speaking, I graduated from vocational to alpha programming more than a decade ago.Have capability to start from literally nothing to having a data-driven web application that can be used by masses in an amazingly fast amount of time.If you are still a vocational programmer busy writing apps for auditing firms, banks, governments, travel firms among others don’t throw in the towel for poor pay.

Start your own graduation process by using version control and stop chasing skirt wearers on weekends and instead replace them with computers and laptops.I’m passionate about creating unique, clean, simple and well-crafted code, regardless of the language. Mostly,I work on open source software, concupiscent about cryptography and the latest GIT, Linux distro or AJAX toolkit or distributed SCM system releases are part of my coding life.Back-End development experience include but not limited to LEMP stack, Drupal and Ruby on Rails among others. Front-End development experience include but not limited to LESS, SASS, jQuery among others.Despite a demanding schedule,I always ensure the latest and cool new trends in tools, programming,tech-spehere never bypass me.My advice to tiro in programming,coding is rugged and better work very hard.Apart from mass market books,I have read programming books like Jeffrey Fried’s Mastering Regular Expressions,Steve McConnell’s Code Complete 2,The Mythical Man-Month:Essays of Software engineering, Alan Cooper’s About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design, Steve Mcconel Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Development Schedules, Steve Krug don’t make me think, Andrew Hunt’s The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master and GUI Bloopers: Don’ts and Dos for software developers and Web Designers among others.Beside coding and blogging,am a perfervid fan of Formula One racing and aggregator of 21st century gadgets and books.This site contain my extensively written work updated daily with stories such as health studies, research analysis, mobile technologies, businesses industries, Online crime, social stories,book reviews among others.I hope you enjoy!