A friend’s struggle with weight loss

Posted on February 6, 2018 12:45 am

It is very difficult to lose weight especially with a lack of guidance and understanding, any individual efforts often fail. That happens to be the case with a friend has tried multiple of diet method because her boyfriend encouraged her to lose weight. In the past three years, her and the boyfriend, who happens to be a close friend have been arguing over the best way to manage her weight. Whether trying to lose weight through physical exercise or by managing eating habits, both present similar challenges.Her problems began after being a regular consumer of an average four alcoholic drinks every week and we all know that a serve of alcohol has between 100-300 calories. Drinking too much, too often became a habit she couldn’t do away with. What started as a single drink every few days became a glass or three every single night adding her unwanted calories.She also blamed the boyfriend for her weight woes for always serving her with chocolate after dinner that brought her almost daily trips to vending machine to pick up bars of chocolates leading her to consume 3.5 serves every single week.The 27 years old told your blogger that she’s fighting very hard to do away with sugar sweetened drinks like the soft drinks, sports drinks and flavoured iced teas and waters that can add more than 30 grams of sugar in a single drink.

She was consuming more than 2 serve of those drinks every single week which somewhat explain why she confessed being warned about the possibilities of her getting Type 2 diabetes.I told her that sugary drinks are never a good choice and she should stop drinking them.Managing food metabolism and fighting the urge to eat more has been her biggest challenge although each have different effects on the body. When we met few days ago in the neck of the wood, they were arguing about how exercising contribute to weight loss.The boyfriend defines his girlfriend overweight as an over-accumulation of fats in her body that are not proportionate to her body height, resulting in a look she has now. What surprised me is that the boyfriend doesn’t want to take into consideration that body shape and weight are also determined by fat proportion and muscle mass. From little knowledge i have on the subject, exercising and undergoing a diet are known to influence the body’s fat proportion and muscle mass. The more physical exercise one does, the more body will burn fat and stimulate muscle growth, resulting in more muscle mass. That means weight will not differ significantly since fat has less mass than muscle. Therefore, with my friend, the physical exercise will help her decrease in fat mass followed by an increase in muscle mass, resulting in a more slender body because muscle takes up less space than fat than the diet weight loss plan.The boyfriend noted that dieting is simply the management of eating habits and the most important thing is for his girlfriend to lower daily calorie intake. If done consistently, her body will adapt and store fewer food reserves in the fat tissue, resulting in weight loss.

Contador Harrison