A blud good looking invokes sexual harassment

Posted on December 18, 2013 09:36 am

Last night I had an interesting phone conversation with a female blud who works and live in Sydney. I initiated it after reading her Tweeter posts where she blasted men as evil minded and that between devil and men she will choose the former and that the only thing necessary for victory of evil minded is for good men to do nothing but turn their head staring at women’s biological factory. Although I did not agree with her post that men are cruelest animals, there is no doubt being too good looking and especially those who go to public places face myriad of problem. The Sydney-sider told me her beauty is holding her back and that this year it has caused unmatched discrimination both in the workplace and social places. When I posted my darling your just a felon, a close friend based in Dublin told via mail that I should leave women alone and focus on blogging on topics that are cakewalk to me and her argument was that beauty has nothing to do with moral and dignity bankruptcy. Sydney-sider also reminded me how I lost a beautiful blud after her social media generated love went sour and ended her life and career. “Contador, the truth is that my beauty has caused immense problems for me when it comes to socializing, so I’ve to make a decision that being with friends just isn’t going to work for me at the moment” lamented the Sydney-sider. It’s not her fault neither is it her choice to be a beautiful woman. Sexism is something that has refused to die in our societies and sexists are growing in numbers by the day so I don’t expect her problem to go anytime soon.

Experts define sexual harassment as the unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature threatening to the subject. In countries like Finland, Japan and Australia it’s unlawful when it has a sexual element to it. What I could not understand from the Sydney-sider was if Contador Harrison left box with pizza at her workplace reception will it necessarily be considered sexual harassment? Well, I have no background in law but according to our conversation she has been targeted several times with comments about her body on both Facebook and Twitter but for me to draw conclusion on such motives would be an injustice to her admirers. We live in societies where policies promoting gender equality are ubiquitous. In Australia, the easiest route to jail is domestic violence because safeguards against violence and exploitation have made Oz women among the least abused worldwide. Unless someone live in a cave, one must be aware that women suffers sexual violence each day with rape being the most frequent form of violence especially in countries like India, South Africa and war conflict areas like DR Congo, Central African Republic among many others.

Our beloved mothers and sisters also suffers from sexual trafficking which is very common in European and Asian countries, sexual harassment common in North America and the western Europe, torture and sexual exploitation common in developing regions of Latin America and Africa as well as Middle East. In Western Europe as recent survey claimed more than 70% of women have suffered sexual harassment in their workplaces, according to the OECD Development Center, a think tank based in Paris France.When it comes to my Sydney-sider blud case its hard to interpret what is legally considered to be sexual in Australia, and if what she is suffering from is made in a context which is threatening and if there is a breach of the law. Sexual harassment cases, in which a male makes unwelcome sexual advances and comments towards a dolly bird or ageing chickabee is a felon in Australia especially there are sexual connotation to those interactions. To me, what matters is whether a romantic interaction is intimidating and whether you agree with me or not romantic interactions between employees in dignified and defined manner is acceptable and healthy and cannot see why it is intimidating. For example what is wrong if there is a consensual exchange between the two employees and in my libertarianism I see no problem.

However, for secret admirers and cowards who can only gather courage by expressing their feelings on social media and making inappropriate comment publicly need to be ignored.I think Sydney-sider complaint is a potential sexual harassment case that needs to be investigated by authorities and if it doesn’t meet the tests of sexual harassment threshold, the outcome is that obviously no one will be disciplined and the beautiful lady will continue to suffer from sexists who roam around every workplace, streets and corners and public places. Because of my libertarian views, I believe policies regarding acceptable romantic expression should go hand in hand with policies that shields the likes of Sydney-sider from sexism and there needs to be some type of policies in place. Sometime people are beautiful. Not in looks and appearances and not in what they say like the Sydney-sider told me but just in what they are. No wonder they say there is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.

Contador Harrison