6 year old boys caught in sex act

Posted on January 16, 2016 12:11 am

Parents of students from Trinity Grammar School were notified at the start of school holidays in December that a group of Year One boys had been getting naked and performing sex acts on each other in toilets and parts of the playground.The school in Sydney says it has been working with parents and students after reports of inappropriate sexualised behaviour.Headmaster Milton Cujes says the Department of Family and Community Services(FACS) was notified within hours of the Anglican school becoming aware of the situation after one of the boys spoke up.FACS, who asked that parents not be told until they had investigated, has identified it as sexualised behaviours rather than sexual assault.In an email sent to Year 1 parents in early December, Trinity Grammar School’s headmaster Milton Cujes detailed that instances of inappropriate sexualised behaviour had been reported on November 18 and were being investigated by the New South Wales FACS Department.Mr Cujes said that an “unfortunate consequence” of the matter was that one boy would not be returning to the Junior School.He said the school has been informed that FACS had now closed the case.The school is offering counselling to children and parents affected both directly and indirectly.FACS advised that the school could disclose the events to the parents of boys directly involved.The school also commenced its own investigation led by a staff member who is an accredited Child Protection Investigator.

All parents of the year group were subsequently advised and invited to an information session.Parents were made aware of the sequence of events that had occurred after the initial allegation.The headmaster also outlined the school’s intervention strategies, which were drawn up with guidance from the Association of Independent School and Family and Community Services.They include restricted access to and greater supervision of the toilets, increased playground supervision and revision of pertinent Life Skills lessons for Kindergarten and Year 1 students.This incident is one among many that involve children engaging in sex across Australia and the trend is increasing everywhere. The new revelations proves Aussie is facing an emergency over sex among children. This horrendous incident at Trinity Grammar School leaves the public wondering what makes a child aged six to engage in sex?An adult’s inability to control his sexual urges may lead to sexual intercourse but for a six years old I can’t comprehend.The inability of child c, a child molester may have been sexually abused as a child and as an adult wanted to take revenge on other kids.I know it is common for children to sleep with their parents in various parts of Asian where culture allows but kids with kids in unheard of.This incident should serve as reminder for Australian parents to remain close to their children and educate them about sex.Sex education should be given to help kids avoid sexual escapades. Basically, parents and even schools like Trinity Grammar School can teach children to appreciate their bodies by keeping them clean.

Contador Harrison