6 out 10 married Nigerian men have cheated: Study

Posted on September 29, 2016 12:02 am

According to the latest survey, cheating is common in Nigeria just all other parts of the World. Statistics suggest about 60 percent of men and 45 percent of women have cheated in their marriages. Three in five Nigerian couples who divorce say the reason was infidelity. In an online survey by a sex website in Nigeria last year, 51 percent of men and 46 percent of women say they’ve cheated on a partner. “The more stories I hear, the more I believe that infidelity is common,” says Liz from Abuja when i sought her views on the latest date. “Many Nigerians find it acceptable to have a piece on the side, and it’s not just men. And being single for so long, the amount of men who I know have either girlfriends, wives that have hit on me is terrible. I do not chase men who are attached.”Gertrude from Lagos agrees, giving a simple “yes” when asked if infidelity is common in her country. “I think the notion that having an affair on the side is a harmless activity that has no consequence or implication for your marriage, partner or your family, is a very misguided view,” After listening to views of those who were born and brought up in Africa’s biggest economy, its clear there’s often a cheating justification used by people who are seeking to escape their circumstances for one reason or another.Other Nigerians might be finding loopholes in monogamy by becoming swingers or entering open relationships. It’s hard to get firm statistics on both practices, there are active sex club cultures in some of Nigeria’s major cities, such as Lagos, but participants are largely mum on their activities.The data shows that 29 percent of men and women are either in an open or swinging marriage. An additional 17 percent of men and 21 percent of women are in a committed open relationship.

Another 42 percent of men and 34 percent of women had been in an open relationship in the past.So whether they are in traditional monogamous arrangements or actually have permission to get it on elsewhere, it seems plenty of Nigerians are having their cake and eating it, too.It is clear than more than half of married Nigerian men and women have had extramarital affairs at least thrice in their lives, while some of them think buying sex is not cheating with 72 percent of the surveyed men said they don’t consider buying sex as an act of infidelity, only 29 percent of the women thought the same.The study found that 56 percent of the surveyed men, and 44 percent of the surveyed women, have cheated on their legal spouses at least once in the last twelve months. The study also found that the surveyed Nigerian men in their 40s had extramarital affairs with an average of 15 partners.At the same time, 78 percent of the men in their 40s said they’ve cheated on their wives. Among surveyed women in their 40s, 27 percent said they’ve had affairs while married. They on average had relationships with 6.9 partners. The study also revealed that men and women have different views on whether or not paying for sex is cheating.Notably, 68 percent of the respondents that did not consider paying for sex as cheating had extramarital affairs at least once.However, 48 percent of those who considered buying sex as cheating in the same way as having an affair still pursued extramarital relationships. Income level, on top of gender, also had an impact on his or her likelihood of cheating.In terms of occupation, the highest proportion of those who have cheated were self employed, business managers, office workers followed by manual laborers. In Nigeria, both buying and selling sex is considered a criminal activity and is punishable.I must make it clear, this is a survey and not necessarily that all men and women in Nigeria are promiscuous. After all, we no longer have Mother Teresa’s in this World meaning no saints exists!

Contador Harrison