2017 Melbourne Cup:The race that stops the nation

Posted on November 5, 2017 12:20 am

Melbourne cup 2017 will take place on 7th November 2017 at 3pm eastern Australia daylight time, a race that enjoys an almost manic fanbase across the country including your blogger. This year will make exactly 27 years since I first attended the race as a tween and just like then, Melbourne cup fanbase is composed of those who just plain love the sport and more important, the people who work directly with the horses, and in the background, are insanely in love with the horses.If opportunities and schedule will allow your blogger, he would definitely be one those of us who live, work and breathe horse racing. In Melbourne cup, there’s no doubt glory and tradition, at least in theory outpaces money because of the common adoration for the racing steed regardless of breed are completely, utterly and absolutely awesome.A flamboyant friend who is racetrack regular who has been attending Melbourne Cup horse races since he was in elementary school with your blogger recently said he is proud to be attending the event on Tuesday. Melbourne cup races are a very important part of Australian culture.Having traditions, language and a cultural identity distinct from the rest of Australia horse racing events, Melbourne cup is an immensely popular tradition that is now drawing spectators from beyond the traditional horse racing regions like USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe among others.Melbourne cup is about the stars of racing horses, trainers, jockeys, wealthy owners who are by and large, available to talk to fans attending the race that stops the nation. Thinking of participants being interviewed by the media, their horses and faces gracing magazine covers and sports pages specials makes it a unique event. My dearest elementary school friend is a lifelong fan of horse racing and attends all major horse racing events in the world. It blows my mind to know that he has access to the people and horses who make Melbourne cup happen.

For many, a day at the Melbourne cup is as much about fashion, beer, fun, buying, selling and playing as it is about watching the horses.There’s no doubt the race is very good for the economy of Melbourne and Australia in general.Melbourne cup also draw notoriety with women appearing skimpily dressed which always angers the conservative folks. But that according to your blogger is part of the ingredients that makes the event fabulous. Unlike other sports, horse racing is a family sport, and as my mom used to tell me as a tween, racing community is about families. Those of us who have been fortunate to attend the Melbourne cup knows that when Thoroughbreds wander into the track, one realizes that this is where his or her heart belongs and that you’re part of the big racing community. Among the top competitors this year, Marmelo is one of those that i expect a good results from, also  Wall Of Fire should deliver a terrific performance same as last year’s winner Almandin same as Rekindling who has been considerably well in recent races. I love horse racing since childhood and anything about horses makes me smile. I do appreciate the people who make it happen, and the fans in Melbourne who lose their minds when cup winning horse thunders home. Melbourne cup is more about horse racing community, Australian cultural phenomenon that is not seen in any other horse racing event in the world.In my view its the best horse racing festival in the world, a race that adores human achievement, all Australians celebrate when a a horses moving as one unit, pound past horse racing fanatics throbbing hearts and nearly gives everyone heart attack from pure joy of Melbourne cup. That will be no different in two days time.In horse racing events like Melbourne cup, accessing racing stars or owners is a cakewalk. On the other hand, its impossible for Formula One fans to even get closer to Sebastian Vettel or fans of Manchester United shaking the hands of Marcus Rashford. Still asking why your blogger love horse racing?

Contador Harrison