2017 Masters: Why I will be glued to the telly

Posted on April 6, 2017 12:00 am

Golf fans around the world will throw open their doors throughout the next four days to catch up with a wide variety of talented golfers action as The Masters 2017 kicks off today.When I was growing up, my parents used to tell me that the future of the country lies in the hands of its young and golf is no different. This could well be the message likes of golfing world dinosaurs teeing off today need to be told, in my view, I don’t see any of those season golfers causing an upset to win.The golfing world has introduced young golfers over the last few years and the efforts have paid off. Who misses Tiger Woods? Guess only a pocket of his die hard fans. Generation X has very few golfers left to trouble the millennials at this years Masters, think of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy etc. People love the great game of golf for so many different reasons and the best golfing tournament, The Masters, love the chance to deliver unforgettable stories. This decade, nothing’s been hair raising like South Africa’s Louis Oosthuizen’s loss to Bubba Watson in the 2012 Masters. I was on the other side of the world and stayed up until the early hours in the hopes of seeing him win.But it was not to be. Watson won on the second playoff hole at Augusta made one of the most impressive shots in Masters history that I have ever seen.Will this year’s Masters deliver such magics in August golf course? I can’t tell, but wish it does as that’s what makes it unmissable.

When a friend asked why I love watching The Masters, I couldn’t respond to her wishes but it’s one of the few televised sports that requires brains. In my view, golf is a game that people of all ages can watch so there is a built-in interest whether its millennials like your blogger, generation X or baby boomers. When pros shoot a good round or hit a great shot at The Masters, the viewing audience can appreciate it because they know how hard it is. I love to see the best drives off the tee and also outrageous misses like was the case with Louis Oosthuizen in 2012. I also get switched to Jordan Spieth’s of this world great approach shot, Garcia’s of this world sinking an impossible breaking putt. How can i forget the incredible scenes when Australian Adam Scott in 2013 who won the green jacket, was handed over the jacket from 2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson.The perennial presence of a single tree branch will make all the difference for golfers as golfers battle for The Masters title. When it comes to Augusta golf course in Georgia, i must admit that the sunshine, the wind and magnificent look of the grass makes it a stand out event.Of all the things I’ve watched and the people I’ve seen play are the most important thing to me about the game of golf. I think when those golfers tee off in Augusta today they will play golf with crystal clear insight into what fellow competitors are like in life. How they handle stress and success. Also one thing notable about golfers at The Masters is that they seem to build a foundation for a great life. Think of legendary Phil Mickelson.

The 2017 Masters tournament starts at 7:45 a.m. Eastern America Time and finishes up on Sunday, April 9. On the final day, usually Sunday evening American Time, I usually get to watch the leader trying to find his way to the finish, with occasional switches to those chasing him. Often, the last 3 holes get really close as it was witnessed when Adam Scott won in 2013, Bubba Watson in 2014 and Danny Willet last year. Sometimes the leader miraculously holds on to win like was the case with Phil Mickelson in 2010. Sometimes an unknown comes from behind to steal a win like Zach Johnson in 2007, a tournament that holds plenty of memories for me. Often, it seems, two or three golfers end up in a tie and a playoff ensues and that was case in 2012 and playoffs can be at times be more of sudden death or extra times meaning the first guy to go ahead at the end of the hole, wins as was the case with Bubba Watson in 2012. In my view, that crowning moment offers the most exciting golf on television. If you wouldn’t mind to know why your blogger appreciate golf on TV, start by watching the last 5th holes on Sunday. My belief is that it will be a brief moment before you expand into watching the whole day Sunday as The Masters come to an end. That however doesn’t mean that if you watch say on Saturday it won’t be appetising as thats the day final groupings are determined.Today and tomorrow real true golf fans will be glued to telly including your’s truly as he appreciated the indeterminate results that separates men from boys in Augusta.The Masters 2017 just like in the past undoubtedly will deliver the best of golf and golfers.

Contador Harrison