2013: The year of mobile photography

Posted on December 31, 2012 04:34 am

Today is the 366th day of 2012 and as we wind up, millions of pictures will be taken and shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by people across the world. Young and old alike will take more photographs than any new year celebration before and I bet big that traditional camera makers will miss out on a bigger share of the love. The latest research has found smartphone as one of the two popular devices used for taking pictures together with traditional cameras and is considered to be a bigger motivator for amateur photographers irrespective of the age and gender. Some studies have been quoted as saying that eight in every ten smartphone users take at least one picture a week on their phone, while less than half who use a point-and-shoot camera take pictures at the same frequency. This year, analysts believe that majority of people take pictures with a smartphone with less than a third taking pictures with a digital single lens reflex while a quarter of iPhone users take a picture a day. The year 2013 will no doubt increase the number of amateur photographers as more smartphone owners are shooting more pictures.How we use our photos and share them is a constant evolution that nobody has managed to keep pace with.

I don’t think we’ve seen the final solution of that and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have completely altered how our behaviors and interactions are with our friends and family. Photography has become such an important aspect of our lives and I recall the summer of 2011 when my mother asked me to help her make a decision on which phone between a HTC Android smartphone and iPhone 4 had better Camera.My mother just like many of us wanted that instantaneous capability to share her favorite moments with the family and friends.The beauty of the smartphone cameras is that they enhances user experience of being able to take a quality photo without a hassle and one has the connectivity to share instantly across their favorite social networking sites, email, personal and news websites and plenty of apps as well. As a proponent of mobile photography, I see the move by traditional camera makers to head in the direction of smartphones as a positive sign and long overdue.Unlike most of the existing cameras, the new developments in the industry where there is ability to share publicly or privately is really invaluable. One has to look at the trends and facts in the photography industry and appreciate the fact that time value of photography has really become the perspective of choice for consumers who majority are on Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.My mother last year told me that cameras have become an every time, everywhere device and because of that and many other factors I see 2013 as the year when mobile photography will finally be recognized beyond social media platforms.

New Year is just few hours away and therefore I urge you to welcome with your open heart the New Year calendar. Buckle up and don’t be late, because New Year eve is waiting for you at your door! Have a cheerful New Year from your blogger Contador Harrison. Thanks for being an avid reader.

Contador Harrison