2013 could be the year of Smart Television

Posted on December 25, 2012 06:16 pm

After posting http://www.contadorharrison.com/tablets-taking-over-from-tv/  how Televisions are facing stiff competition from Tablets, I received mixed reaction from my readers. Some agreed while those who did not told me off and reminded me of how year 2012 marked the rise of smart TVs in many countries including the developing countries. Although the television sets with Internet connectivity are just in the embryonic stage in most countries, I expect the consumers will be offered more digital television treats in 2013. Let me admit that electronic companies have recently been announcing collaborations with local content providers in various fields like movies, music, news, documentaries among others in order to bring full-blown entertainment to television through their target applications.Most manufacturers are planning and some are already using cloud-based Internet services on which consumers can install unlimited applications and receive information from their servers with no need to access a browser. I can confirm I have used such applications from Panasonic and LG and I can tell you there are amazing. There are news applications and movie and music applications that allow audiences to watch over 100 films in High Definition.

Interestingly, users of such models in countries like US, UK, Japan, Australia and even South Korea are eligible to update the functions by downloading the applications online where they can access the application which lets them use the touch screen or touch pad of smartphones with iOS, and soon Windows 8 and existing Android systems. Also, media content files from smartphones can be pushed to screen instantly while smartphones can also be used as a gamepad to play games on the screen. When a friend bought his smart Tv screen, I went to his place to see how the future of the Television looks and I was truly delighted by the fact that it had over 1,000 applications full of content. I was spoilt for choice although am not a sofa spud by nature. One thing I don’t like is that after two years of growing popularity, very few people understand how to use the smart televisions and companies should continue educating consumers about what smart TV is and how it can benefit them. I believe that the smart TV market has the potential to grow even further if the leadings brands like Samsung, LG and Panasonic continue to develop software and unique content. I think what companies should understand and appreciate is that when people are considering purchasing a smart TV, they place high importance on the content offered by a particular brand, in the same way that they do for smartphone brands like iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry and others. Manufacturers can only survive and thrive in the smart Tv business if they actively foster the market by encouraging developers to design apps for televisions. My prediction is that in the year 2013, smart TVs and 3D features could become widespread and I foresee them ending up as standard features in new TV sets.

Contador Harrison